Video Course

Engaging the Marginalized As Neighbors

This video-based course focuses on how to move beyond service to actively engage individuals and families that are struggling economically.

Watch the six videos (5-7 minutes long) in any order, taking note of the lessons contained near the end.  Allow approximately 35-40 minutes.

What you will learn:

  1. Traditional models of assistance (cash, food, or clothing) are not enough to address issues of poverty and, in fact, may create dependency in the person or family that is “helped.”
  2. The problem of poverty is complex.  Structural issues such as lack of adequate employment remain important, but building relationships can be a step toward empowerment.
  3. Social isolation (lack of participation in a thriving community) is a significant problem for  those who struggle economically, and every bit as important as the lack of jobs, training, and skills.
  4. Engaging others and building relationships is achievable.  It is not easy, and it takes time.
  5. Group support, networking meals, small dollar loans, mentoring and shared social activities offer models for moving from serving others to engaging them as neighbors and friends.







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