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28 APRIL 2017

Donating Goods: 4 Creative Ideas

With over 3 million members, is one of the largest online organizations for young persons aged 13-25. Their purpose: “to make the world suck less” through promoting social action. Here are some creative ideas for young people or “old people” (meaning over the age of 25) that each involve donating something to people who […]

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Three Questions People Ask about Community Service

1.  How do I start a community project?  Short answer: A community project is any organized effort to bring needed change to the community, whether it’s direct service (donating) or direct action (protesting). The six steps are Identify an issue Communicate your message to mobilize people Build partnerships with others (including agencies) who can help […]

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Starting A Community Service Project: Step One

  What really defines a community service project is the burning desire to bring about social change.  Start locally.  Do something to address a specific problem in your surrounding community, whether it’s your school, work or residential neighborhood.  Something needs to change!  It can be overwhelming:  The list of possible issues to address—hunger, joblessness, crime, […]

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