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Video: Faith-based Bakery for Former Gang Members

Father Greg Boyle founded a bakery in one of L.A.’s poorest neighborhoods because he wanted to help former gang members start a new life. He saw promise in an abandoned bakery across the street from the parish he served. That was nearly 30 years ago. Now Homeboy Industries employs 250 former gang members, one of […]

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Latina Mothers: “No!” to Violence, “Yes!” to Dialogue

  Community dialogue often gets a bad rap, conjuring images of endless words-without-action.  Yet dialogue can lead to action, especially when fueled by crisis.  In East Los Angeles, a group of Latina mothers proved that dialogue rightly enacted can be transformative even in the face of violence.   Los Angeles is the epicenter of American […]

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Personal Empowerment vs. Social Change: Must We Choose?

When we consider strategies or methods that congregations or faithful citizens use to bring about lasting social change, personal empowerment projects are often overlooked.  Unlike direct service programs which meet immediate needs (cash, food or clothing), empowerment projects seek to undergird the whole person through counseling, mentoring, training, educating or supporting recovery from traumatic circumstances.

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