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23 MAY 2018

Use a Problem Probe To Go Deeper

Confronted with a perplexing situation, pose questions about your situation. Ask early and often. The “problem probe” offers one technique for groups to understand the full dimensions of a given problem. This method can be especially helpful when the problem has a history of unsuccessful attempts to solve it. The problem probe offers a structured […]

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Determine The Problem To Be Solved

The world experiences its share of problems—hunger, joblessness, crime, environmental hazard—and you want to help. Yet be advised: It helps to get a focus before jumping in with both feet. What problem needs to be solved?It makes sense to start locally. This is your community, where you live, work or play. It also helps to be […]

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20 MAY 2017

How Small Congregations Can Serve the Community

Sometimes people ask, “What can we do?  We are a small congregation!  Here are two examples of two congregations that leveraged their resources to change the community for the better. St John’s: Building Partnerships “St. John’s United Church of Christ is a ethnic church in Aurora, Illinois, that has about twenty people in worship on […]

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20 AUGUST 2016

To Improve Your Community Project, Ask “Why?”

  If you want to improve your community project, it’s important to pose questions.  Ask early and often. Ann Morisy, a lay theologian based in London, describes visiting a church-run thrift shop located in a mining community.   After asking a series of probing questions (especially, why), the leaders decided a mid-course correction would better […]

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5 Things You Can Do to Expand Services to the Hungry

More Americans than ever are experiencing food insecurity, meaning that on many days, they are unsure whether they will have enough to eat that day.  Clearly, getting more food into hungry mouths is an urgent priority.   But hunger is complex and multi-faceted, and there are many ways to support the hungry beyond simply donating food.

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Starting A Community Service Project: Step One

  What really defines a community service project is the burning desire to bring about social change.  Start locally.  Do something to address a specific problem in your surrounding community, whether it’s your school, work or residential neighborhood.  Something needs to change!  It can be overwhelming:  The list of possible issues to address—hunger, joblessness, crime, […]

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