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11 OCTOBER 2018

Six Ways to Engage the Community

Congregations can play a role in building stronger communities. Here are six options, drawn from the National Congregations Study (NCS), a nationwide survey conducted every ten years since 1998. The NCS provides data on congregation’s activities, including engagement in the community. The researchers developed six broad categories of community engagement for this survey. Congregations can […]

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7 JULY 2017

A Case Study in Apathy

Faced with the choice of serving a local community filled with human need, some churches, like Bartleby the Scrivener, say, “I would prefer not to.” Bartleby, the lowly office worker in Herman Melville’s short story, engages in passive resistance when faced with an unwelcome assignment, for inscrutable reasons. Most non-service-oriented congregations prove equally inscrutable. John […]

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1 JULY 2017

Under the Radar: When Outreach Goes Unreported

In the average congregation, a majority of the community service activities done by its members flies under the radar. It may seem strange, yet church leaders consistently underestimate how much work the congregation is doing. Serving meals in the soup kitchen, giving away warm clothes, or participating in advocacy groups—why would most of these efforts […]

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Four Steps For Analyzing Your Community

Carl Dudley, Professor of Church and Society at Hartford Seminary before his death in 2009, was keenly focused on the social context of ministry. In a community ministry handbook, he offers steps in analyzing your community[1]: Step One: Define Your Community Physical Boundaries.  These include major streets, highways, or railroad tracks, or natural boundaries such as […]

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Small Congregations That Make A Difference

“We are a small congregation! What can we do?” Here are two examples of congregations that leveraged their limited resources to change the community for the better. Building Partnerships to Effect Change “St. John’s United Church of Christ is a ethnic church in Aurora, Illinois, that has about twenty people in worship on a Sunday […]

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Seven Steps to Starting a Community Project

Whether it’s a community garden, a food program or a street protest— community projects are rarely the result of solo effort.  Typically, social change happens when DIY efforts successfully expand into broader group involvement.  What’s more, projects—the term implies a definite beginning and end—are often less daunting to contemplate than ongoing campaigns or programs.

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