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Becoming A Faithful Citizen

Faithful Citizen: Living Responsibly in a Global Society  is a small group study that explores two poles of current life— individualism and the common good—and how to faithfully respond to the interlocking global challenges of economics, ecology, security and health.

How to Use This Group Study

Each session may be conducted in one hour small group setting, which may be expanded to include a meal and personal sharing. Taken together, the resource materials can be used as a six-week course. However, these materials are designed for flexibility can be used in variety of class, retreat, and other formats.

  • To start, you could watch and discuss together a 5 minute film clip that dramatically uncovers the challenges, tensions and unresolved dilemmas created by the current global situation. Rather than attempting to resolve issues, these brief film clips create a shared experience as group participants and the facilitator make what they will of the film.
  • Then you could watch and discuss together a 10 minute videotaped conversation between renowned sociologist Robert Bellah, author of Habits of the Heart and Donald W. Shriver, Jr., Emer. Pres., Union Theological Seminary (NYC).
  • If you want to go deeper, purchase the Companion Study Guide. Use it for an in-depth discussion of global issues affecting our faith, including the economy, ecology, security and health. Each session may be purchased on-line individually for $8.00. The entire study guide may be purchased on-line for $40.00.


Faithful Citizen: Living Responsibly in a Global Society

A six-part study guide designed for use in congregational development. The guide includes in-depth discussion of global issues effecting our faith and our response to the world as well as questions for discussion and where to look for more resources.

Purchase the PDF Companion Study Guide

$8.00/session or $40.00 for all six sessions

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