Community Action Tool Kit

Just Published!

Church leaders often want to do more to engage their community contexts, but when it comes to the actual “how to do it,” they find themselves blocked. Engage! Tools for Ministry in the Community, provides help to break through these barriers.

Dana Horrell, Coeditor of The Parish Paper, has built a community-action tool kit for Christian ministry. These tools, twenty-six in all, represent best practices and have been tried somewhere and found a degree of success.

Click here to go to Amazon’s page and order the book.

  • If you have never considered the actual “how to do it,” this book might help you get started. 
  • If you already have a team of volunteers, but feel stuck in doing the same things over and over, it might be time to re-tool.
  • If you are already committed to taking ministry outside the church walls and into the community, then bravo. 


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