Driving Children to See Mothers In Prison

St. Anne’s Catholic Community, thirty-two miles northwest of Chicago, became involved in a program for mothers in prison to have an opportunity to visit with their children.

Sponsored by the Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, the “Visits to Mom” program provides free transportation to children whose mothers are incarcerated. For volunteers from St. Anne’s, this typically translated into an eleven or twelve hour day due to the drive involved—three hours round trip from Barrington to Chicago and five hours round trip to and from the prisons, the Decatur and Logan Correctional Centers. Yet the visits often represented the only chance for many of these mothers, many of them serving time for drug offenses, to get to see their children.

Source: Victor Claman and David Butler, Acting On Your Faith: Congregations Making a Difference (Boston: Insights, Inc., 1994), 21.

Photo: Quicksandala, Morguefile license.


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