Donating Goods: 4 Creative Ideas

With over 3 million members, is one of the largest online organizations for young persons aged 13-25. Their purpose: “to make the world suck less” through promoting social action. Here are some creative ideas for young people or “old people” (meaning over the age of 25) that each involve donating something to people who don’t have enough to live on:

  1. Send in band-aids to stock a homeless shelter’s supply. First aid supplies are always needed and if they receive donations the shelter can use their money for something else. This activity takes less than an hour.
  2. Run a Competitive Drive to Collect Books for Low-Income Areas. This activity is focused on the 30 million children growing up in poverty. Having more books in a neighborhood helps improve literacy rates. recommends working with a school to sponsor a collection competition, pitting one grade against the other to see who can collect the most.
  3. Host a Board Game Night to collect games for a family shelter. Homeless shelters often house not just individuals but families. Hold a game night, with the admission charge a board game. Games can then be donated to a local shelter. Make sure the games have all their pieces and are not broken or torn in any way.
  4. Collect jeans for homeless youth. Over a million young people experience homelessness in the US every year. One item that never goes out of style is a pair of jeans. Jeans often feel better and more comfortable after many washings, and they extremely durable and long-lived. This event has been very popular for members of, which has collected over 4.3 million pairs of jeans since 2007.

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Photo: Brent Leimenstoll, 1.21.13.  Flickr Creative Commons.

Repost from Dec. 3, 2014.


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