Video: Formerly Homeless Men Cook Thanksgiving Meal

At All Saints Episcopal Church in Atlanta, a group of formerly homeless men prepare a Thanksgiving meal for about three hundred people. The are part of Covenant Community, a residential program to stabilize the lives of men dealing with addiction. They live, take classes, and study together. Every year at Thanksgiving, they give back.

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Hold a Mapping Party to Help Global Communities

  Church leaders can assist low-income communities anywhere in the world by drawing good online maps. A digital map created from your own computer can provide cities or towns in poor countries in Africa, Asia, or South America with a picture of the community and its resources. This video shows out to sponsor a mapping party to train […]

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Video: Black Churches Are Going Green

This video calls the Black church to see the connection between climate change and social justice.  “Climate change is disproportionately effecting black communities.  Black children have higher rates of asthma.  Typically, you have a lot of food deserts.  You have individuals who don’t have access to healthy food,” says Tyson Lord Gray, an Environmental Ethics […]

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Video: How To Have a Respectful Conversation

  How can you have a respectful conversation with someone about a really divisive issue without coming to blows?  Is it even possible?  The Minnesota Council of Churches hosted a series of “Respectful Conversations” about an upcoming marriage amendment.  Before the start, they offered the following video on the “do’s” and “don’t’s” of respectful dialogue.

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Video: Understanding What Muslims Mean by “Jihad”

  We all need a better understanding of Islam in America.  This video reports on a controversy over the meaning of the word “jihad,” which can mean “holy war” or simply “struggle.”  When an anti-Muslim activist started a campaign to define Islam as a violent religion, a group called “My Jihad” emerged to argue with […]

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Video: From “Helping” to Building Relationships

In this video, Kevin Frank explains why it’s important for congregations to move beyond direct assistance, such as feeding, clothing and building homes for low-income persons, to building relationships with the people we serve and working together to strengthen the common good.  Frank is the Executive Director of the Brady Faith Center in Syracuse, NY.

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