Direct Service

How To Expand Your Volunteer Base

Community service projects need volunteers. How to get more of them? The answer might seem obvious: Approach a potential recruit and make the “ask” or Create a list of available volunteer slots, distribute it widely, and wait for people to self-select for a given project. But wait a minute: How do you know that someone […]

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Empowering Schools Through Partnership

Given the challenges facing our schools, many congregations see an opportunity to help through forming partnerships. It certainly makes sense. In any neighborhood, but especially in small towns or economically challenged urban settings, schools are often a mainstay of community health. In poor neighborhoods, a thriving school can form a haven for families that are […]

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Homelessness: It Takes a Network (Video)

It takes a network to lift up individuals from poverty.   This “interfaith hospitality network” in Rochester, NY uses houses of worship to provide temporary housing for families while they are putting their lives together. Being a good neighbor may require using our churches, mosques and synagogues more creatively than ever before. Do you have […]

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