Direct Service

Video: The Biggest Thanksgiving Meal in NYC

The biggest Thanksgiving meal in New York City takes place at the Bowery Mission.  The kitchen crew prepares 500 turkeys, 4,000 pounds of potatoes, and 1,500 pounds of green beans.  Cannon Green, a cook, was hungry himself once.  “Everybody got to eat.  I have a passion for cooking.  When I’m doing that, I’m constantly thanking […]

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Video: From “Helping” to Building Relationships

In this video, Kevin Frank explains why it’s important for congregations to move beyond direct assistance, such as feeding, clothing and building homes for low-income persons, to building relationships with the people we serve and working together to strengthen the common good.  Frank is the Executive Director of the Brady Faith Center in Syracuse, NY.

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17 JUNE 2016

Serving the Poor: The Importance of Dialogue

Ann Morisy tells the story of a group of Brazilian Christians several years ago that visited church projects for homeless people in London. They were shocked by the fact that homeless people were: Treated as recipients of aid rather than partners Not substantially involved in the decision-making process about the project Were assisted individually, not […]

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Four Steps For Analyzing Your Community

Carl Dudley, Professor of Church and Society at Hartford Seminary before his death in 2009, was keenly focused on the social context of ministry. In a community ministry handbook, he offers steps in analyzing your community[1]: Step One: Define Your Community Physical Boundaries.  These include major streets, highways, or railroad tracks, or natural boundaries such as […]

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Small Congregations That Make A Difference

“We are a small congregation! What can we do?” Here are two examples of congregations that leveraged their limited resources to change the community for the better. Building Partnerships to Effect Change “St. John’s United Church of Christ is a ethnic church in Aurora, Illinois, that has about twenty people in worship on a Sunday […]

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