Community Building

To Reach Fulfillment, We Need Community (Video)

Why not go it alone?  Each of us wants to be a unique individual and to determine our own destiny.  But here’s a fact:  we need community in order to achieve personal fulfillment.  It can be quite challenging to strike a balance between our individual needs and our life in community.  For Americans, individualism—that image […]

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Sexual Assault On Campus (Infographic)

Sexual assault may not seem like the most immediate threat to a young woman sent off to college this fall. Yet it’s a sobering fact that, over the course of her four-year career, a female student’s chance of being raped is approximately one in four. That’s the same chance as catching the flu in the average year (20-25%).

Safety from sexual violence, which includes not just rape but any forced or unwanted sexual activity, is a basic human right.

Spiritual leaders and faith communities—campus ministries or congregations in the university neighborhood—can take a few simple actions to increase women’s safety on campus. Everyone has a basic right to sanctuary, a safe space to flourish and grow.

The infographic below offers a few statistics and what can be done to make women feel more safe on campus.