Community Building

20 OCTOBER 2016

Circles: Group Support for Low-Income Families

  Just as “it takes a village to raise a child,” it takes a group to raise someone out of poverty. That seems to be the lesson of Circles, a program that moves beyond individual mentoring to surround the individual with encouragement. The Circles approach stresses education and training built on a platform of group […]

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20 AUGUST 2016

To Improve Your Community Project, Ask “Why?”

  If you want to improve your community project, it’s important to pose questions.  Ask early and often. Ann Morisy, a lay theologian based in London, describes visiting a church-run thrift shop located in a mining community.   After asking a series of probing questions (especially, why), the leaders decided a mid-course correction would better […]

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How to Create Space for Returning Veterans  

How do we reach out to our returning soldiers? It may not be immediately apparent how many veterans live, work, raise families, study, worship or play in a given community. A first step toward discovery:  Gather them together. Several years ago, the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts began to reach out to veterans through its […]

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