23 FEBRUARY 2018

Accompanying Immigrants, Or Others

Accompanying or walking with someone who feels vulnerable or threatened can offer something intangible—the gift of reassurance. Widely used for immigrants facing deportation, it’s a commitment to be present and bear witness to their struggle. Beyond the immigrant community, accompaniment methods are being used with persons and families struggling with poverty or addiction. Such actions […]

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16 FEBRUARY 2018

Mapping Your Neighborhood Together

What better way to get to know the neighborhood than to map it together with your neighbors? That’s the idea behind collaborative mapping, a new strategy born out of rise of computers, GPS, and digital mapping, which has replaced physical maps for so many uses. Collaborative mapping uses wiki-platforms to create a specialized, self-generated community […]

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Determine The Problem To Be Solved

The world experiences its share of problems—hunger, joblessness, crime, environmental hazard—and you want to help. Yet be advised: It helps to get a focus before jumping in with both feet. What problem needs to be solved?It makes sense to start locally. This is your community, where you live, work or play. It also helps to be […]

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