15 AUGUST 2018

How Do I Talk with a Homeless Person?

We hold conversations all the time yet rarely think about it. Yet talking with others offers a gateway to understanding others who live in our community. Key choices, sometimes unconscious, come into play when we talk with anyone, including strangers. What if the stranger appears to be homeless? Winston Ross, a journalist, interviewed the homeless […]

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18 JULY 2018

To Strengthen Your Work, Enlist Specialists

Specialists can help to navigate a complicated world filled with systems and technologies requiring professional knowledge. Yet enlisting specialists can be fraught. Experts can provide judgments which turn out to be drastically wrong. Other times ordinary people become so skeptical of expert knowledge that they insist on flying by their own misguided lights to the […]

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3 JULY 2018

Overcome Burnout By Building Capacity

Capacity has to do with the amount of resources in hand. For churches capacity could be reflected in the number of members, the size of the budget, the number of buildings, the amount of land, or the funding, number of volunteers, or equipment supporting its programs. Organizational theorists describe organizations or program with a relatively […]

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23 MAY 2018

Use a Problem Probe To Go Deeper

Confronted with a perplexing situation, pose questions about your situation. Ask early and often. The “problem probe” offers one technique for groups to understand the full dimensions of a given problem. This method can be especially helpful when the problem has a history of unsuccessful attempts to solve it. The problem probe offers a structured […]

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16 MAY 2018

Conduct a Community Tour

Let’s take a walk. While it could be done for exercise, most community tours entail something more purposeful. We walk in order to get a better sense of the neighborhood. What are you looking for? You could be observing housing conditions, infrastructure needs (such as roads and bridges), the presence or absence of businesses, the […]

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Hold a Mapping Party to Help Global Communities

  Church leaders can assist low-income communities anywhere in the world by drawing good online maps. A digital map created from your own computer can provide cities or towns in poor countries in Africa, Asia, or South America with a picture of the community and its resources. This video shows out to sponsor a mapping party to train […]

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