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23 MAY 2018

Use a Problem Probe To Go Deeper

Confronted with a perplexing situation, pose questions about your situation. Ask early and often. The “problem probe” offers one technique for groups to understand the full dimensions of a given problem. This method can be especially helpful when the problem has a history of unsuccessful attempts to solve it. The problem probe offers a structured […]

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16 MAY 2018

Conduct a Community Tour

Let’s take a walk. While it could be done for exercise, most community tours entail something more purposeful. We walk in order to get a better sense of the neighborhood. What are you looking for? You could be observing housing conditions, infrastructure needs (such as roads and bridges), the presence or absence of businesses, the […]

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Hold a Mapping Party to Help Global Communities

  Church leaders can assist low-income communities anywhere in the world by drawing good online maps. A digital map created from your own computer can provide cities or towns in poor countries in Africa, Asia, or South America with a picture of the community and its resources. This video shows out to sponsor a mapping party to train […]

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